Greens finally make their mark in the UK

Despite the British electoral chaos, a small piece of history occurred yesterday:

The Green Party was this morning celebrating having its first MP in Britain with the election of Caroline Lucas.

She won the Brighton Pavillion constituency from Labour in what many consider is the nation’s most ‘alternative’ city.

The leader of the Greens was regarded as the frontrunner but there were fears of a surge by the Liberal Democrats amid the excitement surrounding Nick Clegg.

However, as the Liberal democrats suffered a disapopointuing night nationwide, Ms Lucas was able to claim victory in the south coast resort.

She said as the Greens began their celebratyions: “Tonight the people of Brighton Pavilion have made history by voting Britian’s first Green MP to Westminster.” She added that the result was a triumph of hope over fear.

Around the country, early indications suggested the party polled more than 200,000 votes which, if proportional represnetation were to be introduced, would be likely to give them more seats.

In a sign of the party’s growing influence and support the Greens fielded more than 100 candidates in the election and already ahve 126 councillors spread around 43 local authorities.

The victory in Brighton ends Britain’s status as the only major European country never to have had a Green MP. There have, however, been Green MEPs from Britain.

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