Writing about Israel/Palestine is a challenging experience. I’m dealing with censorship-baiting parliamentarians, abusive calls from a Jewish “comedian” and now pathetic hate-speak from “Jews Must Die”. Check out their website. The following are just some of the comments I’ve received in the last 24 hours:

– “you have been a naughty boy anthony i am watching”

– “i bet you would drop your pants and bend over for fisk wouldnt you anthony. jew fag. if everything is so bad in australia why dont you fuck off and go live in palestine you cockhead.”

– “you’re the nazi anthony you fucking mental midget. who’s side are you on anyway? THINK about it toolhead”

I’ve decided to leave the comments on my blog. I believe readers should see the kind of person behind the statements (and discover their inability to use punctuation.)

I’m now hated by neo-Nazis thugs and pro-Israel advocates. It’s an unenviable and taxing position, to be honest, but I have no intention of backing down from speaking truth to power (thank you Edward Said). The number of supportive calls and emails I’m receiving underscore the large amount of people in the community who are desperate for an honest debate on Israel/Palestine.

We are getting closer.

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