How many people are still locked up at Gitmo?

The running sore of Guantanamo Bay shows no sign of abating:

In a comprehensive recent study, Physicians for Human Rights alleges that healthcare professionals experimented on human subjects in order to hone the torture techniques authorized by the Bush Administration. The Department of Justice’s retracted torture memoranda advise that doctors should be involved at every stage in the application of torture techniques—to provide a defense against criminal prosecution. And anecdotal evidence suggests that healthcare professionals were regularly present, sometimes in the torture room and sometimes offsite observing remotely. But the involvement of healthcare professionals in such practices is a violation of rules of medical ethics, and the Bush and Obama Administrations have kept the identities of those involved rigorously secret.

And now, in the middle of 2010, very few people seem to care that there are still hundreds of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay never having faced trial. British writer Andy Worthington is a notable exception and his coverage is invaluable.

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