How soon will the world really tire of a Zionist state?

Eitan Haber writes in Ynet that the poor Jews are the victims of growing global cooling (he’s right, but it’s hard not to feel such pieces are designed to create sympathy for an occupying people):

The US still offers great support to Israel, and White House officials are angry over every statement from here that claims otherwise. However, as noted, only a deaf or a fool would not see what is happening. With a great measure of exaggeration, we can say that the US is throwing Israel to the dogs. And there are numerous dogs out there, just waiting for this opportunity.

For 42 years they have claimed that Israel is a rogue state that is rebelling against and laughing at the whole world, so now the time has come to show Bibi Netanyahu and his colleagues who shall have the last laugh. The result of this is that dozens of countries, including some that used to be sympathetic to Israel, have spoken out against us recently and will continue to do so. A thousand phone calls by Netanyahu will not put out this fire.

The world has grown tired of us; the same world that wishes to see quiet prevail despite Iraq and Afghanistan. Hence, it will be the same world, which is not necessarily right and isn’t responsible for its wrong decisions, which will soon try to impose some sort of sanctions against us (and the cancelation of the drill with Turkey is this type of sanction) similarly to the sanctions imposed on South Africa.

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