How to represent the post 9/11 American decade

I’ve spent the last days at Australia’s first investigative journalism conference organised by the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, where I’m an Honorary Associate. It was called Back to the Source and I spoke on the effect of Wikileaks on modern journalism (short version; it’s major, it’s profound and the mainstream press are nervous about losing its power).

Video of my event will be forthcoming but in the meantime I was very impressed with the various talks by Robert Rosenthal, Executive Director of America’s Centre for Investigative Reporting. It’s an organisation, funded largely by philanthropic means, designed to produce quality journalism. Its latest major project was about the details of post 9/11 anti-terror laws on daily lives.

As one way to explain very complex information, the group produced this animation, alongside print, online, radio and video, and it shows how new forms of journalism can be utilised to reach an even wider number of people. Good media on multiple platforms was a theme repeated over and over again during the conference:

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