How to shame Judaism

A clip from the 2005 Israeli documentary, Land of of the Settlers. Wikipedia describes this devastating documentary thus:

The Land of the Settlers is a five part documentary series created by Chaim Yavin, who was described by the Arab News as “the Israeli version of America’s Walter Cronkite“. With a handheld camera, Yavin traveled throughout his homeland of Israel and interviewed a range of Palestinians and Israelis in order to document the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Released in 2005, his series was too controversial to air on Israel’s public TV station, Channel 1, despite the fact that he had helped to create the station and served as its lead anchorman. It ran instead on Channel 2, creating a stir for its sympathy towards Palestinians:

This is what the Jewish state has become. An occupying pariah that seemingly enjoys humiliating another people. This is not a Judaism of which I can be proud.

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