How to stay ahead of the news

Is blogging dead? (asks a bemused BBC writer.)

Of course it’s not; it’s simply adapting to new frontiers.

Journalism is being forced to better report the news and not rely on the outdated language of producing an article.

The solution? I agree with Jeff Jarvis, writing in the Guardian, who advocates for a more inclusive form of news-gathering:

I want a page, a site, a something that is created, curated, edited and discussed. It will include articles. But it’s also a blog that treats a topic as an ongoing and cumulative process of learning, digging, correcting, asking, answering. It’s a wiki that keeps a snapshot of the latest knowledge and background. It’s an aggregator that provides curated and annotated links to experts, coverage from elsewhere, a mix of opinion and source material. Finally, it’s a discussion that doesn’t just blather but tries to add value. It’s collaborative and distributed and open but organised.

Think of it as being inside a beat reporter’s head, while also sitting at a table with all the experts who inform that reporter. Everyone there can hear and answer questions asked from the rest of the room – and in front of them all are links to more and ever-better information.

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