Huckabee is the worst friend Jews could have

Mike Huckabee’s recent visit to Israel and Palestine generated predictable headlines. He certainly didn’t disappoint his Fox News constituents.

Helen Freedman, Executive Director of Americans For a Safe Israel, accompanied Huckabee throughout his trip and loved the experience.

Her report includes this revealing section:

Huckabee’s remarks to the press have been well-recorded, but there were some particular comments… that stand out in my memory. He insisted that his visit was not meant to be a provocation. He believes that two sovereign nations cannot control the same piece of territory, and that though the PA deserves to have a state, “it can’t be in Israel.” He affirms the unique relationship between the U.S. and Israel which he describes as “organic,” with both having…  experienced the same struggle and… victory. He also spoke about his experiences growing up in the deep South with segregated schools, which makes him very sensitive to issues of discrimination and prejudice.

When asked about the “occupation,” Mike Huckabee responded brilliantly. He described Israel’s government as one of…  “accommodation, not occupation.” He spoke about Israel’s efforts to bring all types of services to the Arab communities such as schools, infra-structure development, hospitals, and welfare payments.

The idea that Huckabee felt deeply about American apartheid and refuses to acknowledge that what Israel is doing is equally appalling displays profound ignorance and delusion.

Only mad Jews see Huckabee as an ally.

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