Iran needs freedom from all of us

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu kills dead the hopes of the Iranian democracy movement:

“Iran is silencing all sources of information. Using the power of the Internet and of Twitter against the Iranian regime is a tremendous thing that the United States can do.”

The prime minister added that the “deep hatred among part of the Iranian nation against the regime” could serve as a “very important asset to Israel.”

The protests are helping Israel? Just imagine how the mullahs will use these comments to bolster the claims that any opposition is backed by the US.

The world doesn’t revolve around Israel.

What is happening in Iran, and certainly nothing that needs or wants assistance from Israel, are continuing calls for greater freedom:

At the University of Tehran, protesters chanted “Death to the dictator” and “What has happened to the oil money? It is in the pocket of Basijis (Islamic militias).”

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