Israel and Sri Lanka make love in the only way they know how – violently

Two nations with a blatant disregard for minorities and human rights find each other. So beautiful you want to prosecute them in the Hague:

Israel supported Sri Lanka throughout in its war against terrorism and now that the war is over the Israeli Government is determined to go for a robust economic co-operation agreement with Sri Lanka, Israel’s Ambassador to Delhi and Colombo Mark Sofer told the Daily Mirror yesterday.

He said this would further bolster the ties between the two countries.

Mr. Sofer who was the former policy advisor to Premier Shimon Peres met President Rajapaksa on Tuesday to discuss as to how the two countries should carry forward bi-lateral ties.

During the discussion it has been agreed to explore possibilities of collaboration in several areas including agriculture, employment opportunities, technology sharing and tourism.

“Though the narrative is different, in both Sri Lanka and Israel we believe in the defeat of extremism and terrorism.…  As one country which never criticized Sri Lanka during its entire period of war against terrorism we are happy for its victory over terrorism and now look forward to further promote ties especially in the area of economic co-operation” said Mr. Sofer.

Commenting on the peace prospects in the Middle East he emphasized that the challenge that awaits both Israel and Palestine today is ensuring the triumph of moderates over extremists and conceded both countries have extremist elements jeopardizing peace.

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