Israel as “morally stained” due to the occupation

I like the way the Magnes Zionist writes this. The established Jewish community has often become little more than supporters of Israeli apartheid. You’re either against the occupation or not. Simple as that. Work to end it or get out of the way.

Over to him:

It means that we are seeing a “paradigm shift” in the American Jewish community’s attitude towards Israel. The paradigm of the ’67 generation, which lived through the roller-coaster of the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, the Lebanon War, and the Intifada, and which had crystallized into two camps – the Peace Camp and the Nationalist Camp – is breaking down before our eyes, and the Gaza Op is a significant milestone in that breakdown. The Peace Camp has morphed into two uneven groups; those who have embraced the doctrine of human rights, who see Israel as inevitably and essentially morally stained because of the Occupation; and those who cling to the mantra of the 67-generation, that although the Occupation is horrible it cannot be ended until Israel’s security is ensured. If you are a post WWII baby boomer, you are in the latter camp. But if you are under thirty-five and liberal, and you still even care about Israel, then chance are you are going to be with the human rights folks. And you will start raising the fundamental questions not about 67 but 47 and even 97 – i.e., 1897 and the founding of the Zionist movement.

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