Israeli self-loathing part 5432

Yet another in the ongoing series of Israeli commentators desperately wishing for the world to treat them like a normal nation. Well, guess what, they’re not, and they occupy another people. Normality is something you earn:

The security fence has become a new version of the Berlin Wall in the simplistic perception of many Europeans a long time ago. This has created a rather broad consensus calling for and acting for the sake of bringing down the “Israeli wall” in the name of principles such as international fraternity and human liberty.

In the face of this global assault, we must make something that is seemingly obvious (yet many prefer to ignore) clear: Apart from certain visual similarities, there is no connection between the Berlin Wall and the security fence.

The Berlin Wall separated members of the same nation who aspired, to some extent or another, to reunite in a joint political framework. Meanwhile, the security fence marks, to some extent or another, a future border between two nations that do not wish to coexist in one state, but rather, to split their shared land into two separate states. It is surprising that precisely those who for a long time fought for the Palestinian right for their own state now demand to dismantle the security fence. After all, this fence pushed the Palestinians closer to geographical and political division that would constitute a basis for a separate political entity. Charges regarding the “apartheid fence” reveal the true motives of the Palestinians and their supporters, who are uninterested in dividing the country and co-existing alongside Israel; rather, they are interested in taking over the entire land.

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