Israeli speaks of necessity of one-state solution

During my visit to Israel and Palestine last year discussing my book, After Zionism, I spoke in Tel Aviv to a large and mostly sympathetic crowd. One of the people in the audience was Yoav Haifawi, founder of the Free Haifa blog and advocate for the one-state solution. Here he is talking about why it’s the most just outcome:

UPDATE: When it comes to BDS against Israel, ignore the massive amount of Zionist propaganda that claims it’s having no effect and should be ignored. The opposite is true. A prescient piece by Larry Derfner in 972 mag:

From reading my digital mail, I see that a lot of people who say they oppose the occupation also oppose the boycott against Israel, and not only on moral grounds, but for practical reasons as well. It won’t work, they say, it won’t convince anyone, it’ll have a boomerang effect by making Israel even more intransigent. I’ve made my arguments against the moral objections to the boycott (here, here and here), but now I want to yield the floor to much more prominent speakers – all of whom oppose the occupation and, explicitly or presumably, the boycott too – who have been warning lately that the world is gradually turning its back on Israel, and the only way it can avoid eventual isolation is by freeing the Palestinians. In other words, they’re saying the boycott is having an impact, and it’s growing. The catalyst for this gathering concern was Stephen Hawking’s decision in early May to boycott last week’s Presidential Conference in Jerusalem.

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