Israel’s hidden shame

Last week, President of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies David Knoll wrote an article for New Matilda that defended Israel’s “security” measures and attempted to convince readers that the Jewish state was on the edge of destruction. He also implied I was anti-Semitic for daring to condemn Israel. My response has been published:

The elephant in the room, conveniently ignored by Knoll, is the ongoing, illegal and brutal Israeli occupation — one of the longest in modern history.

Millions of Palestinians are starved, trapped, killed and humiliated on a daily basis by the Israeli forces. Jewish-only roads criss-cross the West Bank, arrested Palestinians are treated more harshly than Israelis (this was recently admitted by an Israeli security chief), hundreds of Palestinians are imprisoned without trial for months and years, natural resources such as water are routinely stolen to supply Israeli settlements, and olive groves — the Palestinian life-blood — are regularly destroyed by rampaging Israeli settlers, without punishment.

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