Itching for a fight

Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) is Australia’s leading pro-Zionist lobby group. Executive Director Colin Rubenstein thinks the world should isolate and target Iran:

“…Broad sanctions are warranted that will make nuclear progress as difficult as possible, thus delaying the Iranian bomb.

“If this cannot be achieved, a limited US-led air strike on key components of the Iranian program will inevitably be considered as an option.”

Just a few years ago, Rubenstein was leading the charge against Saddam’s Iraq. This is Rubenstein back in January 2003:

“Uninspected since 1998, it is beyond doubt that Saddam possesses extensive stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, missiles and illegally imported missile engines and parts, and is working towards acquiring nuclear capabilities.

“…the removal of Saddam Hussein, an outcome that will not only liberate the Iraqi people, but [will] also dramatically improve the prospects for political reform and reconciliation throughout the region.”

Rubenstein should have been ignored then – his organisation retains close relations with John Howard’s government – and he should be ignored now. His loyalty is to Israel first and foremost and therefore Australia’s national interests remain secondary.

Switzerland based journalist Shraga Elam reveals a concerted campaign by Israeli officials to persuade America to get tough against Iran:

“According to the Israeli financial paper Globes from today (in Hebrew) a Knesset delegation told the US Congress: ‘Don’t learn from the Israeli retreat from Gaza; stay in Iraq till the mission will be accomplished.’

“MK Eldad said that they could tell the US what the Israeli government cannot say: ‘Israel will have to act against Iran if the US won’t do it; we shall not endure another six million victims.’

“MK Yosef Tomi Lapid added: ‘I’m the only Shoah survivor at the Knesset. The western world didn’t want to understand who Hitler was and we aren’t ready to scarify another six million Israelis in order that the world will learn who the Iranian rulers are.’

“These Israeli politicians swinging the ultimate ‘Holocaust weapon’ seem to come to the help of the US MIC [Military Industrial Complex] in order to convince the Congress of the alleged necessity of continuing the brutal ME [Middle East] policy.

“Just as Iraq had not presented an existential threat to Israel, Iran does not build one. If Israel would be really worried about the Iranian future nuclear capacity it would have for example severed its relationships with Russia for helping Iran in the nuclear field. It seems that there is a necessity for construing imaginary threats in order to continue the deadly US aggressions in the ME with its fat profits for the MIC.

“These combined US-Israeli efforts endanger millions in the ME, including Jews.”

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