It’s not 1943 Warsaw, people

What the hell is wrong with these Jews? Are we so insecure that any criticism of Israel will upset the oh-so-delicate Jewish sensibility?

A prominent Jewish actor has been dropped from a fundraiser run by a Jewish welfare organisation because she is in a controversial play about Israel.

British actor Miriam Margolyes was due to appear at a fundraiser tonight at an elderly people’s home in Caulfield run by Jewish Care.

But her appearance was cancelled at the last moment because of her involvement in a performance next week of the play Seven Jewish Children, according to one of the play’s organisers, the lobby group Australians for Palestine.

Moammar Mashni, spokesman for Australians For Palestine, said Margolyes was told by Jewish Care that it was cancelling her invitation because the play “could cause pain to Holocaust survivors who are residents at the home”.

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