Jerusalem and Tehran are really good friends (for capitalism, of course)

Israel and Iran are mortal enemies destined to destroy the other.

Or so the corporate media tells us every day.

So how about this story, via Shraga Elam?

The Israeli company… Daronet Internet Solutions has sold 70 systems worth around US$ 1 million to the chamber of commerce of the district of Teheran. This reported the Voice of Israel on its mid-day journal (January 14th. ).

Daronet CEO Yacov Harpaz told Israeli state radio that his company got the order through a representative of the Iranian customer in the Netherlands. The identity of the client became clear, according to Harpaz, after Daronet was asked to convert the content and the systems to Farsi.

This new report is comes in the wake of many other reports, including official Israeli statements, indicating that beyond the fiery verbal dual between Israel and Iran and alleged sanctions and bans there is a very lively commerce between the two countries.

Not so long ago the import of pistachios from Iran was even discussed in the parliament, this under the pressure of US pistachio producers who are interested in the very large Israeli market. According to recent consumers reports there is now a shortage of those nuts in Israel.

According to reliable Israeli reports this country imports crude oil from Iran through the Dutch market, and Israeli trade ministry documents prove that the exports of chemicals to Iran was authorized at least until 1997. While a former employee of the exporting firm, Carmel Chemicals, claims that there was direct trade at least until 2001, when he left the company.

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