Just how many weapons do we really need?

Waste, futile spending and over-blown excess is routine in the arms world (see this recent Sydney Morning Herald report that outlined the vast problems with the Australian Defence Department). And now this:

The United States scored last in a new study that examined how 33 major militaries spend funds on weapon systems – while potential U.S. rival Russia ranked third.

In a study due out March 15, consulting firm McKinsey & Co. examined how efficiently 33 nations that account for 90 percent of worldwide defense expenditures perform a range of functions. The study looked at how these militaries go about doing certain tasks in three key areas: personnel, maintenance and weapon buying.

“The United States and Australia are the lowest performing countries with regard to equipment output for every dollar spent,” McKinsey concludes.

I know it’s futile to say this, but couldn’t the obscene amounts of money spent on arms be better used on other important services?

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