Let’s torture the Arab

What part of this shocking news makes Zionists proud of their state?

Investigation conducted by Israeli Bar finds prison wardens regularly subject inmates to inhumane conditions including unleashing of dogs, debasement. Prisoners also complain of delay in medical treatment to point of death.

Wardens who set dogs on inmates, an inmate being held under administrative detention for 10 years, and serious flaws in prison medical care are only some of the conclusions of an investigation conducted by the Israel Bar at Hadarim Detention Center and Hasharon Prison.

The investigation, summed up in a report by attorneys Amnon Zikhroni and Michael Atiya, probed the conditions afforded by the felony and security wards at Hadarim, where most of the Palestinian organization’s leaders are held in Israel, as well as the conditions in the juvenile and women’s wards in Hasharon Prison.

And what a surprise that Palestinians are subjected to the worst kinds of abuse. That’s what happens with a racially discriminatory state.

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