Liberation here, please

The Village Voices introduces some headlines for Iraqi newspapers after news broke that the Pentagon was planting news stories in the occupied country:

1. Longtime Residents Applaud US Marine-Led Urban Renewal Project in Falluja; “Thank Allah They Got Rid of A Bad Element and Worse Architecture,” Says Woman on Street

2. 25-30% of Iraqi Workforce Enjoys Extended and Well-Earned “Post-Saddam Holiday”

3. Baghdad Among Top World Cities for Electricity Conservation

4. US Department of Education-sponsored Media Training Program “Honoured and Enlightened” by Visit From Distinguished American Journalists Armstrong Williams and Judith Miller

5. New Ministry of Interior Torturers Far Cry From Saddam Era; Only “Some Skin” Peeled Off Now, Say Victims

6. Dangerous Italian Driving Habits Prompt Stern Traffic Enforcement in Baghdad

7. All-American MPs Bring Cheerleading to Abu Ghraib; “They really love to do the pyramid,” say Coaches Graner and England

8. Islamist Terrorist Defects, Renounces Allegiance to “Osama bin Loony”

9. Ahmed Chalabi: The Best Man Ever

10. Mission Accomplished

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