Likud has an answer to the bi-national state issue

From a relatively new Israeli website called Coteret – “News you can’t read in Haaretz” – comes this jolly tale of Zionist extremism:

Friday’s Makor Rishon, a right-wing Israeli newspaper, ran a… feature… on the Israeli reaction to Palestinian threats of either demanding a democratic bi-national state in the whole of Mandatory Palestine or unilaterally declaring a a… Palestinian State in the 1967 borders. Minister…  of Information and Diaspora, Yuli Edelstein, of Netanyahu’s Likud party, was quoted as saying that he doesn’t see a bi-national state as a threat because it does necessarily imply… fulling… voting… rights for the Palestinian… population.

Excerpt from “And if the Palestinians declare a state”, Makor Rishon Political Supplement, November 13 2009 [page 8]

Yuli… Edelstein thinks that the bi-national scenario will not pose a… substantial… problem for Israel. “It’s a threat that was always waved but there a thousand and one intermediate paths and examples from all over the world that stray from the principle of ”˜one man – one vote.” There are all kinds of federations and confederations and other… varied… arrangements that can provide an answer to the right to vote.”

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