Mainstreaming hatred of Muslims, thanks to Rupert

Are there limits to damning Muslims? Not according to the Murdoch empire.

Melbourne’s Herald Sun editor Alan Howe has spent the last years finding new ways to demonise the Muslim religion. We can expect an upcoming column to advocate rounding up all Muslims and putting them on outback farms.

His latest, a letter to former Israeli leader Ariel Sharon, a man he longs for, is the kind of unintentionally tragic article by a man who has spent far too much time in the clutches of the Zionist lobby and on free trips to the Zionist state:

Lately, though, events have unfolded with some haste. The West has ill-advisedly been celebrating as a revolution sweeps away the leadership of Tunisia and Egypt, and perhaps soon, even Libya.

That robust survivor Hosni Mubarak, your old colleague in peace, may have been a brutal tyrant but at least he was our brutal tyrant.

Now they say he is similarly struck down by stroke, perhaps being aware that Egypt is lost to his command.

Innocent well-wishers of the West, some of them running their own countries, anticipate free elections and a democratic Egypt, and maybe even a democratic Libya.

That’s unlikely. The Sunnis of Egypt will control whatever happens in the future and their agenda will likely be determined by adherents of Sayyid Qutb and his Muslim Brotherhood.

As you know, Ariel, the Muslim Brotherhood would prefer that Egypt, its neighbours, and eventually all of us, return to an earlier time when misogynist goat-herders were king.

I hope you are better soon. We could do with men like you.

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