Materialism is alive and well in Iran

Iranian blogger Kamangir, currently living in Canada, tells us about a particular sub-set in the Islamic Republic:

My friend is fascinated by a community of bloggers she tends to call the “Shooshoo Joon”s. The name can be translated to “My Beloved Husband” but I assure you that the Persian expression she uses is more than just a name it is a concept. The “Shoohoo Joon” is a group of Iranian girls, mostly married or on the verge of getting married, whose whole world seems to fall into one not very complicated, at least according to the rest of us, part of life, i.e. the very act of going through daily life. They go to restaurants with their husbands and quarrel with their mother in laws and then they blog about it. They envy their friend because she has gotten a better dishwasher as a wedding gift and then they put up a post in their blog. My friend never expresses it explicitly, but having been among the first Iranian female bloggers, I think she is not very delighted that the Blogestan also includes this outcast.