Michelle Malkin’s derangement

Who else but Michelle Malkin could link a medium-sized American airport installing a faucet to Holocaust denial?

Watch here at her very best here.

IBISH: I think it does matter. I think it matters a great deal who paid for it, first of all. And, secondly, if you can’t tell the difference between bona fide religious accommodation and something that goes further, like this mistake in Minneapolis by a few of the cab drivers, I can’t help you. It’s obvious to most people. It’s obvious to most”¦

MALKIN: You know what, this is a global phenomenon. You know, one minute”¦ and the next minute, it’s public schools stopping Holocaust lessons because they offend Muslims. What is next? That was the point of IBD.

IBISH: But this is exactly what I mean by hysteria.

MALKIN: No, this is reality.

IBISH: Someone put in a faucet, and you’re talking about Holocaust denial. It’s just madness. There’s nothing wrong with putting in a faucet and having water run. If it bothers you, you’ve got some kind of mental distortion. And the fact that we have”¦

MALKIN: Madness is shrugging your shoulders and continuing to be blind in the wake of 9/11.

IBISH: The fact that we have a political culture that allows people to say, “Oh, someone put in a faucet. Oh, my God, the sky is falling down,” it’s pathetic, really.

MALKIN: Mr. Ibish, thank you.

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