More of those birth pangs

White House spin meister, Tony Snow, can’t decide if the Iraq war has made the Middle East more or less stable.

During today’s press briefing, CNN correspondent Ed Henry asked White House spokesman Tony Snow whether the “war in Iraq has helped push the peace process forward in any way.” Snow’s response: “Don’t know. ”¦ Hard to say.” Echoing his claim last week attacks in Iraq were “signs of success,” Snow suggested that the increased violence in the region is a by-product of “pro-democracy movements”¦making some progress.”

It’s fascinating to contemplate what universe people like Snow are paid to create.

Iraq has overtaken Afghanistan as an ideal training ground for Jihadists to export their battle across and beyond the Middle East, experts say.

The new generation of Islamist militants in Iraq are more battle-hardened than their veteran anti-Soviet counterparts from Afghanistan, and the export of their Muslim “holy war” to calmer Arab countries has become a phenomenon.

Apparently, Tony Snow doesn’t see any correlation between Iraq becoming the terrorist epicenter and the US-led invasion of Iraq.…  It must be just a freak coincidence.

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