News bytes

– US Vice President Dick Cheney was given a warm southern welcome during his belated visit to the Katrina hurricane zone.

– US-based Project Censored compiles the ten stories the mainstream media ignored over the past year.

– Dissenting historian Howard Zinn discusses American resistance over the decades and the bravery of those who question government’s reliance on military solutions. He reminds readers that George W. Bush may soon face the same problem experienced by Vietnam War leaders: “After a while, [President Lyndon] Johnson and [Vice President Hubert] Humphrey couldn’t go anywhere except military bases.”

– Encouraging signs that Pakistani women may be more forthcoming in reporting sexual violence.

– What happens when a nuclear weapon detonates? The US Government has a few ideas.

– John Howard outlines so-called Australian values. The Sydney Morning Herald reports this hilarity- after all, how does a war criminal even dare preach values? – and places its tongue firmly in the cheek.

– The Liberal government introduces draconian “anti-terror” laws. Citizens will be free to criticise the Iraq invasion, for example, but not support the insurgency against a rampant hyperpower and illegal occupation. I feel some civil disobedience coming on.

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