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– George W. Bush advises Ariel Sharon to eat less, work less and exercise more following the Israeli leader’s mild stroke. Oh, he also said Sharon was a visionary and a man of peace.

– A fascinating study of American Jews reveals strong opposition to the Iraq war, a majority who have never visited Israel – though profess strong love for the Jewish state – and a massive number of Democrats.

– Evo Morales, the winner of Bolivia’s presidential election, has called George W. Bush a “terrorist” and claims the Iraq invasion was an example of “state terrorism.” Imperialism now has many foes in Latin America.

– Foreign nations have issued travel advisories against Australia in the wake of the recent Sydney race riots, while politicians continue to debate the level of racism in the country.

– Whatever happened to the black box recorders on the doomed planes that hit the World Trade Centre on 9/11?

– Andrew Bartlett discusses the limits of free speech in the blogosphere. I increasingly have the view that censoring any comments is counterproductive and against my belief in free speech, no matter how offensive a statement may be. Thoughts?

– The Guardian reports:

“Health officials in Brazil have launched an investigation after claims that at least 10 impoverished Brazilians from an Amazon village may have contracted malaria while being used as human ‘guinea pigs’ during a study by an American university.”

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