News bytes

– Alan Dershowitz claims London mayor Ken Livingstone is “anti-Semitic.” Back to the ghetto, Alan.

– Blair was warned three years ago that the US-led occupation of Iraq was being disastrously mishandled.

– The Howard government releases its long-awaited media “reforms.” Unsurprisingly, moguls Packer and Murdoch are likely to gain. One Fairfax writer calls the proposed changes “lame.” Despite all the gutlessness of Fairfax, and knowing that management supports the changes, it is encouraging that one of its journalist openly damns the government’s ideas. It would never happen under Murdoch or Packer where a bunch of obedient lads and ladettes know where their bread is buttered.

– Former New York Times “journalist” Judith Miller wants to be rehabilitated. Some are more than willing to help, so it seems.