Our boys are so brave, daring, beautiful, courageous etc.

This article from today’s Australian newspaper, headlined “Taking the fight to the Taliban”, could have been written by the Australian government (ie. a press release dressed up as propaganda):

“Get to the wall, spread out, spread out.”

The words can be heard amid the clatter of automatic weapons fire. There is a brief pause, more sustained firing and another Australian voice: “We will stay here and we will cover their arse. We’ll maintain this wall.”

As bullets slam into mud-brick walls, the same voice is heard again: “Medic, go with (call sign) Bravo and carry Pepi’s pack.”

The exchange, captured on video and released yesterday by the Australian Defence Force, illustrates the dangers and daring on display as Diggers take the fight to the Taliban during the Afghan winter.

The war in Afghanistan is going woefully – yesterday’s Independent newspaper claimed that Obama was looking to side-line the corrupt President Hamid Karzai – and yet still some hacks haven’t received the latest news.

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