Our own political prisoner

Photo: AFP

theage.com.au reports the latest in this shameful saga:

“US peace activist Scott Parkin wants to leave Australia but remains in solitary confinement because the immigration department refuses to deport him, his lawyer said today.

“Julian Burnside, QC, told theage.com.au that Mr Parkin had been told by immigration officers that his deportation would be brought forward if he dropped his appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal to find out why his visa was revoked.

“Mr Burnside described this as “factually false and legally improper”.

“What they’re doing, in effect, is saying ‘Alright, we’ll hold you here in solitary confinement until you dump your action’, and that’s outrageous,” he said.”

Anybody care to suggest how Parkin might be a “threat to national security”?

Brian Walters, SC, president of Liberty Victoria, writes an impassioned article on what this all says about Australia in 2005:

“It is our tolerance of a wide range of views that gives our nation so much of its strength. Our ability to hear and open our minds to even radical views makes us stronger – not weaker.”

It is a lesson that should be heeded by all.

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