Picking the wrong fight

James Moriarty is the US Ambassador to Nepal. In a recent interview with the BBC, he outlined his concern over the ongoing civil strife in the country and suggested that the Maoists wanted to take over the country. “If the king and his government opt for greater repression their attempts will ultimately fail and Nepal will suffer greater misery and bloodshed,” he said. The US would only provide military assistance to a so-called democratic government, he argued.

The interview has caused much discussion within Nepal. Democracy for Nepal (DFN) poses many questions for Moriarty and suggests the US ambassador has little understanding of the situation. US attempts to impose its politically imperial stance are winning few friends in Nepal. DFN wonders why Moriarty refuses to condemn King Gyanendra – who, it should be remembered, seized power in 2005 – and further alienate the Maoists. Both sides have committed atrocities, but all sides must come together before a lasting peace-deal can be struck.

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