Pulling his head out

Zionist Federal Labor MP Michael Danby believes that academia should not be a place for rigorous questions or dissent about the Middle East:

Prominent Jewish MP Michael Danby has accused two well-known academics of being one-sided over the Middle East conflict.

“I grieve for the state of Middle East studies in Australia,” Labor MP Michael Danby told parliament.

He accused Dr Andrew Vincent of Macquarie University’s School of North African and Middle East Studies of pushing a “bizarre conspiracy theory”.

And Dr Amin Saikal of the Australian National University’s Arab and Islamic Studies program, had unusual ideas about terrorism.

Mr Danby said the one-sided teaching could have bad long-term effects on Australian policy as graduates came into government.

He said public pressure had helped make the ABC’s coverage more balanced and the same pressure should be applied to universities.

Danby – a man with a history of trying to silence opposing views – disingenuously claims that “balance” in academia is sorely required. What he really wants, of course, is blindly pro-Western, pro-US and pro-Israel propaganda pumped into the classroom from dawn until dusk. Thankfully, many finer minds don’t share Danby’s ignorance of plurality. His concern for graduates is touching though his utopia, already occurring in the US, should be vigorously opposed.

The fact that Danby is Australia’s only leading Jewish parliamentarian is a damning indictment on the Jewish community itself.

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