Raul Castro can’t crush all signs of dissent

Human rights in Cuba are grim. But as I discovered in The Blogging Revolution, bloggers are starting to challenge the government’s strangehold on information.

We should therefore welcome news of the Bloggers Cuba group one year anniversary with optimism. Here’s Zorphdark:

A couple of hours after the boring midday of May, I received the only e-mail that I have ever marked with a star in GMail. It was an invite from BC to belong to their community. It has been more than six months from that heavy breathing, and I still cannot believe it. “I am not worth it” –I thought; “what should I write about?” –I still wonder. I arrive at the meeting point, an unforgettable party, and I meet many people that have influenced my life directly since then: people who I admire profoundly, people who make me feel wonderful, people who I can talk to for tens of hours. VIP human beings, full of imagination, youth and Cuban-ness.

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