Sane Jews slapping crazy Jews

William Kristol is a leading neo-conservative, Jewish commentator who advocated the invasion of Iraq and whose ideal Middle East is multiple wars against Islamic “fascists”. He must be disappointed with George W. Bush’s hesitations.

Tragically, the Jewish community has allowed people like Kristol to speak for them on matters of national security, despite the majority of them disagreeing with his war-mongering. It is the job of liberal Jews to stand up and be counted and publicly dismiss the rantings of a man who talks endlessly about war, occupation and liberation, yet has been spectacularly wrong about every aspect of American foreign policy in the Middle East for decades. But liberal Jews first have to accept their own responsibilities for empowering a radical fringe of Jews to positions of influence. This is one of the great challenges facing Judaism over the next years.

So, what would Kristol’s diary look like, as he saluted the bravery of fighting men and women…from his plush mansion?

June 18, 2004
The President included me in a small group of trusted writers for an off-the-record conversation in the Roosevelt Room. I was struck again by his marvellous calm and serenity. It is as if the world’s shrieks of rage die at his feet. He was, as always, certain of victory in Iraq. I told him that the military situation looks far better than the papers are reporting (I heard this at last week’s American Enterprise Institute conference) and the troops are inspired by his strength. Afterward, Rove invited me into his office for a short chat. He wants better co-ordination between the Swift Boats, the campaign, and the Standard. There is something vaguely disturbing about Karl’s chin. Still, I am glad that he’s on our side.

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