Shouting and foaming at the mouth is a Zionist lobby special

The bullying by the Zionist lobby is legendary and largely unreported by the Western media. Large parts of my first book, My Israel Question, are dedicated to it.

A number of Jewish groups recently loudly moaned when former Irish President and human rights activist Mary Robinson was awarded the US Presidential Medal of Freedom. She was accused of the usual slurs: Jew hatred, anti-Semitism, insensitivity to Jewish suffering, blah blah blah. Yes, she’s just a step above Obama Bin Laden.

It was a predictable debacle. Zionists were seen for the umpteenth time as intrusive and censorious (they really don’t learn, do they?) But here’s Marc D. Stern, acting co-executive director of the American Jewish Congress, urging his fine, fellow Jews to change tactics:

Robinson’s award, which she received at an August 12 ceremony honoring her and 15 other individuals, does not change a thing on the ground in the Middle East. And it was self-delusion to expect that the president would back away from the award under criticism from pro-Israel groups.

Certainly, it was incumbent upon Israel’s supporters to clearly, but privately, let the administration know that honoring Robinson fueled doubts over its commitment to Israel’s security. It was neither prudent nor productive, however, to pick a public fight with no chance of success over a purely symbolic matter. Moreover, the near-immediate Jewish attack on Robinson’s award — with little acknowledgement of the useful things she has done — lent credibility to the charge that Israel’s supporters brook no criticism at all of the Jewish state.

You don’t say. There are now so many cases where the Zionist lobby and the Jewish community think that complaining and whining about something they don’t like will either win the argument or get their way. News-flash: you’re merely playing into the worst kind of Jewish stereotypes and should learn that different views of your beloved Israel will be heard.

How insecure are you? Don’t answer that.

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