Slow-motion death

Once again, the world’s Jewish community remains silent in the face of growing Israeli fascism. Akiva Eldar explains:

The silence of the leadership of mainstream Jewry in the world, in view of the legitimization of a person such as Lieberman, undermines the moral high ground they hold in the struggle against Israel-haters throughout the world. If a Jewish politician who aspires to transfer an Arab minority across the border can sit in an Israeli cabinet, why should an anti-Semite not sit in an Austrian government? Let’s hear it for the Haiders.

Israeli society has rarely been so unsettled. Brutalisation has become a way of life for many Jews. Hatred of Jews and Israel is growing around the world, especially in the US, as a new poll suggests:

41% of faculty members in U.S. universities see the United States and Israel combined as the greatest threats to the world. For humanities faculty, 56% list the U.S. and Israel, compared to just 41% who list China, Russia, and Iran combined.

How is all this to be explained? Zionists will say it’s simply because the world has always hated Jews, and believes in their destruction. It has nothing to do with the occupation, the recent Lebanon war or the high level of corruption in Israeli society. Projection is a powerful tool in the hands of a sick society, and many Jews simply refuse to see the consequences of the path the Jewish state has chosen.

Instead, they obsessively lobby for “balance” in Middle East reporting. The latest hilarity is via the Guardian’s readers’ editor who explains to the fanatical lobby that, shock horror, different points of view are both acceptable and encouraged in rigorous reporting.

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