Some charming hate-mail from a lovely Jew

I just received this delightful email from a Jewish man who clearly loves himself, Israel and state-sponsored terrorism:

Yes Ant you have made an impact.
Feel good about it?
You describe yourself as a jounalist……………I beg to differ,
you are…  no more than a crude propagandist, who long ago threw away the vestiges of objectiveism, and
the willingness to acknowledge that both sides have made major mistakes.
Your use of John Pilger to praise your writing and to justify Israel bashing whilst escaping being labelled as a Jew hater is most useful for him.
I distinctly remember him actually helping and then writing in eulogy for Arab terrorists who attacked an Israeli kibbutz BEFORE 1967 in order to MURDER…  as many JEWS…  they could.
The terrorists did not…  distinguish between a Jew…  and…  an Israeli Zionist Jew.
and neither did Pilger.
My question to you is that –as a once Sydney Morning Herald jounalist at the same time as Ashrawi’s agent in Sydney did you not notice a giant elephant in the room of your conscience?Called Conflict of Interest?
No…  you did not.
But the Sydney Morning Herald did.
Isnt that why you had to leave?
You have made a living in denying your own people the jews … the very right of self independence which you support for all other groups.
Explain that to your soul and your ancestors.
They would spit on your actions.
john nemesh