Some Palestinians still want American approval to breath

The Melbourne Age editorialises today that, “if the settlement activity continues, Israel will have no partner for peace” – it’s a pretty soft piece, but at least acknowledges that Zionists are running out of time with the one-state equation gaining global traction – the US-backed Palestinian Authority continues on its merry way towards Palestinian “independence”:

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said Sunday that the declaration of a Palestinian state would be a mere formality once the institutions of a Palestinian state are created.

Speaking at a press conference in Ramallah organized by the Saban Forum, Fayyad said it is important to create institutions that are functioning, committed to the Palestinian people and free of corruption.

Palestinian officials have they are preparing to ask the United Nations to endorse an independent state without Israel’s consent because they are losing hope they can achieve their aspirations through peace talks. The announcement drew a harsh rebuke from Israeli officials.

At some point, and let’s hope it’s soon, the US-backed, armed and funded PA will recognise that looking for Washington’s approval for its plans is a fool’s game (of course, it wouldn’t exist without US backing). America has made it clear for decades that peace in the Middle East is against its interests. Barack Obama has done nothing to change this impression.

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