Sri Lanka and Israel continue to cross paths

From Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror, an insight into the workings of the UN:

According to Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry sources, Pakistan and Malaysia were two of the main countries…  among the Muslim countries of…  Non Aligned Movement (NAM)…  which were reluctant to place their signatures to the…  letter signed by the member countries opposing the panel of experts appointed by Ban Ki-Moon against Sri Lanka . It is well to recall that Pakistan was one of the main countries which helped Sri Lanka to defeat terrorism. When Sri Lanka was experiencing difficulties in procuring arms and weapons during the war, it was Pakistan which came to its rescue. After the war was over and when charges were levelled against Sri Lanka before the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC), Pakistan again helped Sri Lanka to defeat the resolution. Hence, it is worthwhile probing why Pakistan , a friend of Sri Lanka is…  reluctant now to oppose the panel appointed by Ban Ki-moon.

The principal reason for this is , the Muslim countries including Pakistan are focused on intensifying their pressure on Ban Ki-moon to take action against Israel’s recent attack on a vessel, and are therefore unwilling to oppose Ban Ki- moon”˜s action in relation to Sri Lanka. Malaysia is also one among those…  countries so focused, sources say.

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