Standing up for the status-quo

George Soros may have become an outspoken critic of Israel and its aggressive lobby, but it appears he won’t be funding a counter-lobby to AIPAC:

Billionaire George Soros has no plans to put his money where his mouth is, a spokesman said Tuesday — two days after the philanthropist and political advocate assailed the pro-Israel lobby as a threat to Israeli and U.S. interests.

Rumors, rife since last October, that Soros would fund a dovish alternative to the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee, quickened when Soros published a blistering attack on the lobby in the New York Review of Books this week. But Soros spokesman Michael Vachon rebutted the notion he would bankroll such an effort.

“He considered it,” said Vachon. “Many people wanted him to fund the effort. In the end he decided he should not be involved.

“On the other hand,” Vachon added, “Who can predict the future?”… 

These last comments suggest that perhaps Soros can still be convinced to invest in an organisation that challenges the militant Zionism that runs rampant across the US political spectrum.

Back in Australia, the Jewish community continues to amuse with its parochialism. A Jewish Greens MP won a seat in last week’s NSW election and a Zionist leader responds: “They are committed to allowing more Israelis to die, simply because they’re denying Israel the right of self-defence.” Yes, the Greens love terrorists, didn’t you know? The same Zionist brain also wants to tell the world that Israel is a peace-loving nation (shame about the expanding occupation and killing of Palestinian civilians.)

Perhaps the most pathetic recent missive has been this article by the deputy editor of Sydney’s Sun-Herald newspaper under the headline: “Why I refused to publish Loewenstein’s articles.” The only problem is I do write regularly for his paper. He did censor one article of mine on Israel last year for the most spurious of reasons, but as long as readers of the Jewish press thinks that he is standing up for Israel’s inherent worth.

It’s a shame that his knowledge of the conflict is so poor, therefore, such as this line: “And any positive behaviour from Israel, such as the Gaza withdrawal, is an inconvenient truth.” Imprisoning over one million Palestinians is “positive behaviour” in his Jewish mind.

The Zionist imagination is seriously lacking in understanding. After all, Israel is a poor little nation in the heart of an ugly, Arab Middle East, remember?

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