Starting to take some responsibility

Blogger Richard Silverstein publishes the results of an important study:

A new study by Israeli academics from Tel Aviv University and Columbia University’s Teacher’s College finds that Israelis in ever greater numbers are questioning their own modern national creation narrative.…  For example, it has always been a cherished notion that Israel was created in 1948 with no Jewish violence or force that drove Arab inhabitants from their homes.…  It has been a sacrosanct notion that the Arabs fled of their own volition largely because they were exhorted to do so via radio and other media reports.

In the past few decades, the New Historians have begun chipping away at such cherished notions.…  Today, 47% of Israeli Jews believe that expulsion was either a major, or primary cause of the flight of nearly 700,000 former Arab residents.…  41% continue to believe the old notion that Israeli Palestinians left voluntarily.

So when will the Zionist establishment in the West start accepting the truth about Israel’s horrific birth?

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