Talking balance

Recently released documents prove that the US has long been aware of its unhealthy bias towards Israel:

The United States reached out to hostile Arabs three decades ago with an offer to work toward making Israel a “small friendly country” of no threat to its neighbours and with an assurance to Iraq that the U.S. had stopped backing Kurdish rebels in the north.

[Henry Kissinger] said U.S. public opinion was turning more pro-Palestinian and U.S. aid to Israel could not be sustained for much longer at its massive levels. He predicted that in 10 or 15 years, “Israel will be like Lebanon – struggling for existence, with no influence in the Arab world.”

While it’s encouraging the US elite recognised that blind support for Israel wasn’t sustainable in the long-term, its actions always suggested something different entirely. There will come a point – and that period might not be too long away – the US acknowledges that the current path is doomed to continued, regional strife. The Bush administration’s current stance towards Hamas is just the latest example of pointless and damaging posturing.

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