Testing times ahead

Two polls recently conduced in the US prove great confusion over foreign affairs issues. A corporatised media is partly to blame, as well as a federal government content to conduct a “long war” indefinitely.

A USA Today-CNN-Gallop Poll finds that a majority of Americans believe Iran will develop nuclear weapons and use them against the US. Many also fear that the Bush administration will be “too quick” to order military action against Iran. A majority believe that the Iraq war is a mistake and the “coalition” is not winning in the war-ravaged country.

Another Gallop poll details US support for Israel:

“The number of Americans feeling solidarity with Israel has increased since last year to 59 percent. That figure marks a 7% increase from the last time the Gallup poll was taken, two years ago.

“Of those polled, 30% said that the United States should provide funding for the Palestinians only if they recognize Israel’s right to exist; 57% said they should not be funded at all.”

Shmuel Rosner, US reporter for Haaretz, is jubilant about the results. He seems to believe that because US support for Israel is so overwhelming, the Jewish state should be pleased. He forgets one major detail: the US media rarely, if ever, explains the nature of Israel’s brutal occupation or the financial support offered by the US. If it did, the results may be very different. It is therefore telling that Zionists are so paranoid and defensive when debating the true reality of the Jewish state.

Furthermore, while US support for Israel is at one of its highest points ever, Rosner’s glee at the results masks a deeper fear:

“Americans sympathize with Israel, are hostile toward the Palestinians, and pessimistic with regard to the peace process. The numbers are clear. No exceptions, no excuses, no variations, no room for contradictory analysis. Just take a look.”

Resolution of the conflict will never come without understanding and compassion for both sides, not just sympathy for Israel. Rosner’s arrogant Zionism is just another example of why the Israel-first ideology is in such trouble.