The Basij running riot

A video has emerged that reveals yet more of the brutality in the Islamic Republic:

A leaked video of police brutality on the Tehran University campus has rocked Iranian cyberspace. The video, shot by police officials, was mysteriously leaked to the BBC last week. Filmed in June just two days after the disputed election, there is footage of an attack of Basij militia and riot police burning beds, beating students, and arresting over 100 people. For months, details of this attack had been shrouded in mystery and so the leaked video has shocked viewers.

Ever since legendary student protests in 1999 were brutally repressed, it has been illegal for outside security forces to enter Iranian university campuses without specific authorization from the university director. No permission was granted on the night of June 15, but the police video begins with plainclothes officers firing tear gas and weapons at students. One officer in the video mentions that the attack had been personally ordered by Tehran’s chief-of-police.

For months, Iranian officials denied any attack had happened on campus. Later, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei claimed “unknown unruly elements” had led the attack. But now the video proof is out for all Iranians to see, with responsibility for the assault apparently going up to the regime’s top leaders. The footage is fuzzy at times but can be seen in the video below:

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