The Conspiracy Virus podcast

Conspiracy theories have existed forever. In the modern age, think of the supposedly fake moon landing or 9/11 being an inside job (hint: it wasn’t).

I’ve spent much of this year working with journalist Olivia Rosenman on a podcast series, The Conspiracy Virus, which has just been released by one of Australia’s biggest media outlets, Channel 10.

The two-part series tackles Covid-19, vaccines and climate change and examines the main conspiracies around these vital issues and who is pushing them. Why are they becoming more potent? What’s the societal impact? How to address them?

We’ve spent time with experts in Australia and around the world. There are personal and moving stories, too.

It’s a wild ride through some of the most contentious issues of our age.

The project is supported by the Judith Neilson Institute in collaboration with Channel 10’s Hugh Riminton and Stuart Buckland. Some more background to the podcast here.

The podcast is available on your podcast platforms of choice including Spotify etc.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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