The Gaza black hole

Amira Hass, Haaretz, August 23:

Not only are some 1.5 million Gaza residents living like prisoners in the largest jail in the world, but they are also subjected to daily attacks by Israel that leave them with more dead to bury. Two children were killed on Tuesday, and not only those suspected of firing Qassam rockets. And if there’s no shelling, there’s a short-term incursion, and dozens of people are arrested and undergo a day-long campaign of humiliation.

There are also murders by fellow Palestinians, though fewer than during Fatah rule. But the vendetta cycle continues to be a threat. Fatah members were arrested and tortured, and a Fatah supporter’s wedding was raided by Hamas gunmen.

The economy has been completely paralyzed for two months now. Tens of thousands of private-sector workers have not made even NIS 100 in the past two months. There is zero export because the Karni crossing is closed. This situation will continue for a long time if Israel’s attitude toward Hamas remains as is.

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