The Islamic Republic doesn’t trust its own citizens

When a regime is frightened of its own people, it’s a sure sign of decline and fear:

Recently, the Islamic Republic of Iran Intelligence Ministry announced that in order to counter Internet activism in Iran, senior officers will be trained.

The minister of the intelligence counted internet activism as a new… challenge for the regime. The minister urged that, as a result of existing contacts and collaboration between the opposition inside and outside the country,… Iran’s national security equation should be reconstructed in response to new threats.

The minister believes that there are some core activists who are mobilising the people against the Islamic regime and it is important for the government to find and stop them. He argued that, those activists try to damage Islamic values and regime’s ideologies by misguiding the people.

The minister mentioned that, the oppositions, with the support of foreign nations, are using the internet to organize people by creating chaos in the society to pave the path for a regime change.

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