The lobby wins

Norman Finkelstein’s new book, Beyond Chutzpah, will be launched shortly. Already a number of US bookstores, undoubtedly from pressure by the pro-Zionist lobby, have uninvited Finkelstein from some of his speaking engagements. Alan Dershowitz, the odious Harvard law professor, suffers no such problems, but then, his latest tome, The Case for Peace, features a salutation from none other than Ariel Sharon. Writes the Israeli war criminal:

“Alan Dershowitz has been on the forefront of making the case for Israel and against terrorism. Now he turns his attention to making the case for peace. He understands, as I do, how difficult it is to achieve peace with security. He confronts these difficulties with insight and with the benefit of years of experience.”

If Dershowitz thinks that featuring Sharon as one of his supporters proves his reputation, his moral bearings are more askew than I thought. The Harvard professor likes being close to power, and takes the smallest risk of all.

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