The never-ending march of Serco in Western Australia


The State Government has announced the company Serco is its preferred tenderer for services at a new young adults corrective centre.

The Corrective Services Minister Terry Redman says the company was chosen to provide services at the facility in Murdoch after an extensive evaluation of its standards.

Mr Redman says Serco’s performance will be closely monitored by both the Government and the Inspector of Custodial Services.

My source in Western Australia tells me:

Prior to the last election the [Liberal] Barnett mob gave a undertaking this facility would not be privatised but after they were elected … they reversed that decision and decided to privatise the facility. Serco had a couple of years to lobby and prepare for the tender. Serco were the only tenderer, they were actively involved in developing the specifications for the facility and its various programs and it is reputed that a senior executive with responsibility for the facility within DoCS has links with Serco.

Contract management WA style!

The Community and Public Sector Union knows what this latest contract means; less jobs, lower wages and less accountability:

The CPSU/CSA has condemned the Barnett Government’s announcement… today that multi-national company Serco will operate a new Young Adults Facility in Western Australia.

CPSU/CSA Secretary, Toni Walkington, says that the decision to outsource the new Young Adults facility will be disastrous for the state and put public safety at risk.

“Colin Barnett’s Government says they care about Law & Order but they are outsourcing key parts of the justice system to private companies, said Ms Walkington.

“Private companies exist to make profits for their shareholders – they do not exist to keep the community safe. Over recent months serious doubts have been cast over multi-nationals and their management of prisons, detention centres and public services.

A recent comprehensive evaluation of public versus private management of a new facility shows there is no benefit to the state from outsourcing this facility.

If the State Government walks away from its responsibilities it will not be able to protect the community.”

Ms Walkington said that a government that talks tough on Law & Order should not be outsourcing jobs in the justice system and putting public safety at risk.