The nuclear debate

The nuclear debate is hotting up. After years of rightful neglect, powerful forces are attempting to place nuclear power as a serious remedy for environmental and financial gain. It is an option that should be rejected, in my view, not least because of the health and environmental concerns.

Signature magazine – a monthly online publication published in Sydney and Melbourne – this month examines the ways in which the political and business elite is pushing the nuclear option onto an unsuspecting public:

“But in all the debate about debates, one thing seems to have been largely overlooked: a domestic nuclear power industry is probably not on the cards in Australia. Nuclear reactors are illegal under current Federal law and even the aggressively pro-uranium Federal Minister for Resources Ian Macfarlane has publicly ruled out the possibility for at least another 20 years.

“Signature thinks any debate – if it is to be relevant to the Australian public – should really be about the only stage in the nuclear fuel cycle that Australia presently engages in: uranium mining and export.”

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